1) IPL or Laser treatments

Medical grade Intense Pulse Light (IPL) & Laser treatment is the most effective and fastest method to get rid of freckles. Typically, the freckles will turn darker than its original color immediately after the IPL or Laser treatment. This is because the moment IPL light or laser is fired onto the skin with freckles, the melanin from freckles absorbed the IPL light or laser, it will then become a scab and flakes away in about 5 -7 days. The skin will then become clearer and brighter even after one treatment session.

2) Chemical Peels

Chemical peels with ingredients contaning ligthening ingredients such as glycolic acid, kojic acid, resorcinol.

3) Cosmelan Peels

For patients with freckles and uneven skin tone or melasma, cosmelan skin depigmentation is a better option.

4) Skin Lightening Serum

Using skin care products that contain lightening ingredient such as hydroquinone can effectively lighten freckles but it may not be completely remove.

How to Prevent Freckles?

For freckles developed due to prolong exposure to UV light (Sunlight), lifestyle changes is essential, for example, if you like to swim in the day time, avoid swimming between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm because this is the time when the UV light is the strongest and most damaging. Alway apply broad spectrum sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF.