Hair on back, can be thick and coarse depending on gender and ethnic group.

Generally, most indian men tend to have thick coarse back hair. Caucasian men back hair are usually medium or fine in thickness but can be dense on upperback. Chinese men seldom have visible back hair. Most Female back hair if there is any, is usually fine in texture.

People want to get rid of the back hair beauase it’s unsightly, almost impossible to shave by themselve and its very uncomfortable in hot and humid Singapore weather.

People who are active in outdoor activities finds it a hassle to have back hair, back hair can trap sweat, retain heat, thereby resulting in discomfort.

Shaving back hair is rather tough unless you are as flexible as gymnasts or acrobats or yogi.

Some people went for waxing, however, waxing is not a permanent solution, you need to keep going back for waxing almost every month, and there is a “downtime”, where, you cannot shave your hair because you need to keep certain length so that the wax therapist can perform waxing treatment, treatment is usually painful and therapist’s skill dependent, if you get an inexperiece waxing therapist, good luck to you.

As most people gets tired of shaving and waxing and ingrown hair due to shaving and waxing, and with advance in technology over recent years, many people started to opt for permanent hair removal treatment solution.

With permanent back hair removal using advance technology, most people are very satified with the results they get because they no longer need to shave or wax anymore, after averaging 10 treatment sessions.